Real Estate

Transactional: Residential purchase and sale contracts, Commercial real estate contracts and due diligence, Owner’s and lender’s title insurance...

Labor & Employment

Wage and hour litigation, Discrimination and harassment claims, Wrongful termination, Retaliatory discharge, Defamation...

Business Litigation

Breach of Contract, Trade Infringement, Intentional Interference with Business Relationship, Claims under Florida’s Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act...


Espino Law offers alternate dispute resolution services to serve your all of your personal and business needs. Monica Espino is a certified Supreme Court circuit civil mediator.

Welcome to Espino Law

Espino Law is a full service real estate and business law firm, offering both transactional and litigation services to fit your needs. We can guide you through all of your commercial, real estate, as well as employment needs, in a cost efficient, effective manner. Whether you need help drafting or enforcing a contract, evaluating the risks/benefits of a potential lawsuit, or helping you to evaluate your employment policies and procedures to make sure your company is in compliance with applicable laws, Espino Law has the ability to assist you. In addition, Espino Law represents employers in all types of employment litigation matters, in both state and federal courts, and before local administrative agencies.

Espino Law believes that the most critical aspect of the attorney-client relationship is open communication. Espino Law prides itself with open and consistent client communication. Clients are encouraged to discuss their goals with respect to their representation. Keeping the client’s goals in mind, Espino Law will formulate the most cost efficient and effective plan to resolve your dispute. If, however, litigation is required, Espino Law can zealously and successfully litigate all types of civil litigation matters in both state and federal courts.


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